Should you book a “post bride and groom creative session”? Here are 5 reasons why I think you should.

Have you ever wondered how that couple on Instagram walked all the way up that mountain for that epic sunset shot and then back down, all in time to make their reception? The reality is,they were probably shooting on another day.  All pictures are important on your wedding day, but the creative bride and groom shots are going to be the “wow” shots that will be printed and framed and shown off the most. Here are 5 reasons why you might want to set aside extra time for this after the wedding. Scroll down to see one of my recent post bride and groom sessions in Chicago.

1. You can go anywhere and you aren’t on a time restraint. On the wedding day, you’re limited to staying within 10-15 minutes of your ceremony and reception locations. If you shoot on another day, you can travel to the mountains or the ocean.

2. You aren’t doing a first look. If you are seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony, that means that you will have to wait until after the ceremony to take bride and groom pictures. Often, the time  between the ceremony and reception is tight. (I’ve been at weddings where I’ve had 1 hour for family, bridel party, and bride and groom pictures.) I recommend having 1.5-2 hours for bride and groom portraits alone.

3. You just want a more relaxed day to spend with friends and family. How often do you have all your favorite people in the world in one place? It’s a lot to pack in all the photos in one day and to try to spend quality time with your loved ones. Setting aside 2 hours for another day will free up a lot of time for you on your wedding.

4. You can have a more relaxed creative session, as nerves tend to be high on the wedding day.

5. It will allow you as the bride to be more adventurous with where you take your dress. If you get it a little dirty or wet, it won’t matter as much, since your wedding day already happened.

 If you highly value the artistic bride and groom creative session and want to insure that you get as many wow shots as possible, this is something you might want to consider!


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