Embrace the Process | Tiny Habits, if done Consistently, Create Massive Results | Success thoughts from a Chicago Photographer

Many people see me as a creative photographer, which may be true, but I consider myself just as much, if not more, a creative thinker, on a mission to discover the philosophy and psychology required to accomplish my goals, give value, and live a life that matters.
One of the things that I’ve thought a lot about during the past few years is the effect of habits.
In life, there are events, and there are processes. An event is completing a masterpiece sculpture. A process is the thousand tiny etches that turn a block of marble into a masterpiece. An event is winning the gold medal. A process is waking up at 5am and training for 3 hours, every day, five hundred mornings in a row. Most people want the event, without the process that is required to make the event a reality. They want the event of buying a beach house, but not the process of working hard and saving money that is required to purchase it. They want the event of being fit, but not the exercise and diet change. They want the event of having a healthy marriage, but not the change in their selfish behavior. They want the masterpiece sculpture, without the hard work of carving it. So what do they do? They look for a short cut. They take a diet pill or they play the lottery. The problem is, there are no shortcuts. The process is the only way. Greatness is in the process. It’s in the small habits that you do consistently, every single day. Celebrate the process. Do the process. Because when you do the process; when you carve through the marble, one tiny etch at a time, the masterpiece will be your reward.

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