6 Things I do When I take Engagement Pictures

  1. If it is a sunny day, I shoot during the last hour or two before the sun sets. This allows for soft, beautiful lighting.
  2. I Include the sun flare for a dreamy effect, but only up to the point where it enhances the picture. It’s very easy to go too far with this. As seen below, I frame my shot so the sun is just peaking behind your subject or an object in the background. (tree, etc)
  3. I fill the couple’s eyes with light, if possible. This is easier on a sunny day, but I try to make sure there is a catch-light in their eyes. Shadowy eyes are not cool.
  4. I place the couple in authentic, action poses. I’ll have them walk together, give a piggyback ride, dance, or wisper in each others ears. These are sure to spur on genuine and happy moments. There is an emotion that happens in a natural moment that you just can’t get with traditional posing. (Though I still like to include them for stunning portraits)
  5. Most of the time, I use a low aperture. I usually shoot between f/1.4 and f/2.5 to create a blurry background and a dreamier vibe.
  6. I pose for beauty. It doesn’t matter how stunning a picture is, if your couple doesn’t like the way they look in them, they won’t like the picture. I’m very aware of posing in a way that brings out the best in people.  Is their hair put together, are their jawlines extended, are they standing up straight, and are they smiling with their eyes?

Thanks so much for checking out my 6 tips! To see how I implemented them, check out the pictures below of my fantastic models, Robbye and Kevin.

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